Dr. Birch & Sappho  Dr. Birch is a senior faculty member of the Kairos Institute of the Acutonics®   System of Sound Healing and the CEO and founder of the Nada Brahma institute of   Harmonic Living. Over the past 15 years she has taught vibrational therapies to   practitioners in treatment centers, medical practices, and high-end spas, as well as   countless people and parents looking to elevate their lives and that of their   children.

  Dr. Birch received a B.Sc. in molecular and genetic biology, graduating summa cum   laude from  Dartmouth College in 1994 and earned a masters degree in Classics   from St. Johns College in 1999. She  became a Doctor of Oriental Medicine in 2000,   after a traditional three year apprenticeship and four years of schooling at   Southwest Acupuncture college, where she received the academic award for   excellence, and did post graduate work in gynecology, oncology, and pediatrics.

  Upon graduation, Dr. Birch directed the Center for Holistic Therapies at the Life   Healing Institute, a trauma and rehabilitation facility in Santa Fe N.M. By working   with people whose boundaries had been so transgressed, she came to realize the   limitations of the penetrating nature of acupuncture needles. She spent the next   four years studying energy fields, light healing, and chakra restructuring at the   Barbara Brennan School of Energy Medicine and six years studying the Acutonics®   System of Sound Healing.

  Dr. Birch is certified in the diagnostic method of VoiceBio which maps the bodies   frequencies as expressed in the "voice print". She is a Michael Harner trained shamanic practitioner, a certified Yoga instructor, and practices Peter Levine's trauma relief methodology: Somatic Experiencing. She is the creator of the neuro-emotional harmonization process called 5th-ing™ and after studying with Gabriel Cousens in Live food nutrition, she is training to be a nutritional coach for Brain Optimization™.

 Dr. Birch practices in Bermuda and Zurich, offering sessions both in person and over Skype. She works with patients one on one, and in small groups, also offering multi-day intensives. The Harmonic Living series teaches individuals how to use harmonic therapies for self care, for the well being of the entire family, and for self actualization. She is the author of the upcoming book, Harmonic Self-Care. Dr. Birch is committed to helping educate people as to the nature, structure, and reality of their energy body and giving them the tools to transform their experience of life.

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